An architectural, interior, business branding and documentary-style photographer based in Houston, Texas

Photography by Michael Le

Hi, I'm Janice, originally from Perth, Western Australia, but currently away on a 2-year adventure across the other side of the world!
I'm a visual story teller. Photography is my artistic medium to tell the story of business brands, as well as a passion for photographing interior and architectural designs.
For as long as I can remember, I always had a passion for the arts and creative pursuits. As a child, I loved writing, arts and craft classes in school and attending drawing classes over school breaks. Despite drifting towards more “conventional” career in healthcare, photography has become my creative outlet.
My journey into photography started over well over 15 years ago when I started travelling around different parts of the world. I have dipped my photographic-toe into variety of genres from wedding celebrations to circus shows and landscapes to architecture. In this process I have discovered my passion in photography is the story telling of moments, events and lives as well as bringing to life the carefully crafted designs and stories of creatives entrepreneurs  like architects, makers and designers.
I also run a personal photography website and blog called the where I blog about photography, travel and points hacks. 
I’m also a online photograhy community moderator for the vibrant and active online group of Fujifilm photographers(Fuji X Aus).
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